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* 2x4 Through My Windshield.3gp (574kb)
* 3-year-old Painting Genius.3gp (1697kb)
* 500km Meteor Impact Simulation.3gp (4063kb)
* 50 Caliber Machine Gun vs. 250 Watermelons.3gp (4317kb)
* 7th-grader Stops School Bus After Driver Has Heart Attack.3gp (665kb)
* 8-Year-Old Guitarist Makes Us All Look Bad.3gp (1548kb)
* A Crazy And Painful Boat Crash.3gp (439kb)
* A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square.3gp (1284kb)
* A Dubstep Christmas.3gp (792kb)
* A Girl In Tights With A Hula Hoop Is A Great Thing.3gp (1813kb)
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